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Greenvale growing

Delivering quality potatoes to our pack sites all year round.

Our own growing business is the largest grower of fresh potatoes in the UK growing around 1200ha per annum. Greenvale Growing consists of two growing hubs throughout the UK, including:

  • Duns, Scotland
  • Norfolk

The geographic spread of these two hubs means that we can deliver quality potatoes into our pack sites all year round, providing our customers with the products they need.

Greenvale Growing


Our procurement team work closely with our growers at every stage, from land selection, variety choice, seed potato supply, agronomic input, storage, and contracts.

With over 200 growers nationwide, Vale’s Growers is the umbrella for the whole Greenvale supply base.

If you would like more information about Vales Growers please contact us.


Relationships based upon integrity and trust.

Our growers have access to arguably the best potato agronomy team in the UK. The agronomy team cover all major potato growing areas and advise on all sections of the market from pre-pack and processing to seed.

We work alongside our own agronomy and technical division, Produce Solutions. Their specialist knowledge and experience in potatoes is gained from working closely with the largest retailers, brand processors and food manufacturers in the UK.