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About Us

The Greenvale B2B team operates across the UK from our sites in Cambridgeshire and the Scottish Borders and is nationally aligned with our growers.

The business has a varied customer base including leading manufacturers and food processing companies, major UK wholesalers, caterers and key UK fruit and vegetable markets.

Product is supplied to customers either in bulk, sacks or boxes and a wide range of varieties are available, including many exclusive to Greenvale.

Off the shelf pack formats are available to order all year round however the team are happy to discuss bespoke requirements. 

All of our potatoes are procured by our Greenvale colleagues and meet all quality, farm assurance and technical requirements so you can be reassured by the fully traceable systems we have and uphold. 

Our latest B2B brochure can be downloaded here

Please telephone (01890 819 508) or email the B2B team directly with your enquiry [email protected]

GreenVale Brand

The GreenVale brand, is the most premium range which launched into the B2B portfolio in 2016 with one sku, GreenVale All Rounders.

The All Rounders line provides customers with a high quality consistent potato with exceptional flavour and consistent cooking results.

The range grew with the addition of Chipping Potatoes in 2017. The varieties packed into the chipping line are selected to deliver first class results to those using fresh potatoes for frying.

A third sku GreenVale Salad Potatoes was launched in July 2019 providing customers with superior quality salad potatoes.

Earths Harvest

The Earths Harvest range consists of three lines, Bakers, Maincrop and Salad potatoes and provides customers with a consistent and quality range of potatoes.

The Earths Harvest range is exclusive to Greenvale and forms a major part of our supply. The maincrop line is predominantly sold in 25Kg sacks whereas the Bakers and Salad potatoes are sold in 15Kg and 10Kg boxes respectively providing ease of stacking and lower weight formats to ensure freshness in line with customers volume needs.

Greenvale Range

The Greenvale range is our most flexible in terms of format.

We cater for those wanting smaller pack sizes with our 5Kg sacks to those wanting more volume from a 25Kg size. We also offer a range of sizes in between.

Additionally, talk to us about out Purely shelf ready range, ideal for those wanting packs to add straight to a retail shelf. Bakers, 2Kg maincrop and 1Kg baby potatoes are available.