Green 20

Striving for sustainability

Green 20 is our group environmental strategy that will help us to strive for sustainability, by setting ambitious but achievable targets. By focusing on our water, carbon and waste we are committed to reducing our environmental impact.

Green 20 aims to continue our environmental success over the next 5 years and replaces GREEN15 targets which were achieved successfully by the end of 2015

Packing and processing…

Potato packing and processing is a high water consumption industry, but here at Greenvale, we have pioneered an award winning water recycling and treatment system called Cascade which reduces water consumption by at least 75%.

Our green story so far

  • 30% reduction in our CO2 emissions
  • 50% reduction in our water consumption
  • 90% waste diverted from landfill

Our group target by 2020


reduction in our CO2 emissions


reduction in our water consumption


all sites waste diverted from landfill

Find out more, watch our GREEN20 film